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Caetanos, 22 (Lisbon)

Renovation of a building from the 1950s in the heart of Bairro Alto, directly beside the famous and sophisticated Chiado district.

The former headquarters of Livros do Brasil publishing house, this project involves the construction of 11 apartments – 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom duplex – with private balconies onto an inner courtyard and views of the river from the upper floors. Also includes 16 underground parking spaces, accessed from Rua Luz Soriano.

Renovation of the existing block, comprised of a basement, ground floor and 2 storeys, with the addition of a third storey offering a view of the river. A new block with a ground floor and 4 storeys shall be built in part of the current patio, which will house one apartment per floor (floors 1 through 4), with a duplex on the 3rd and 4th floors.

Bairro Alto is a favourite among artists, writers and musicians, and is considered the bohemian heart of the city. With a very lively nightlife, it offers several modern and sophisticated bars, avant-garde shops and excellent restaurants.

Rua dos Caetanos is just a few minutes from the busiest areas, and has the advantage of being mostly residential, which makes it quite tranquil.

Directly beside Bairro Alto lies the Chiado district, filled with theatres, museums, cafés and luxury shops such as Hermès and Cartier.


Location: Bairro Alto (Lisbon)

Nº of units: 11

Typologies: T2, T3 duplex

Storeys above ground: 4

Storeys under ground: 1 (16 parking places)

Gross construction area (GCA): 2.173 sqm

Purchase of the building: 3nd quarter 2014

End of construction: 3st quarter of 2016

Current stage: sold

Conclusion: 1st quarter of 2016


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