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About Us

About Us

QUANTINVEST, SA is the new brand of QUANTICO, SA, a company founded in 2012 dedicated to investing in and developing projects with solid business models, to achieve SUSTAINABLE VALUE CREATION.

In 2017 Quantico created a joint venture with Albatross Capital to explore an investment platform focused on urban renovation projects in Portugal, namely the Vesta RE Fund, and also on large scale RE projects, like ANTAS ATRIUM (over 1000 apartments in Oporto).

These large scale transactions were backed by established institutional investors that played a significant role as financial partners.

In 2023, the joint venture evolved to create a new company, Quest Capital, that is focused on large scale projects and building long-term partnerships with those key investors. These large projects include Antas Atrium, that was incorporated in Quest Capital’s investment platform.

QUANTINVEST will maintain its main focus on real estate investments in Portugal and will continue to establish partnerships with Portuguese and foreign investors and Family Offices, aligned with the previous vision of its founders.

The shareholder structure is the same and all developments launched by QUANTICO will remain under QUANTINVEST’s scope of activity.

Our Values


To be a company with great credibility and solidity, sustained by consistently rigorous and transparent practices.


To generate trust among all our partners.


To create long-term value for all of our stakeholders.


Experienced Team

Carlos Vasconcellos, Miguel Costa Gomes and Graça Medina are co-founders of Quantico, SA, now rebranded as Quantinvest, SA and both Miguel Costa Gomes (CEO) and Graça Medina are also executive members of the Board of Directors.

The founders have a broad experience in the real estate market, with a proven track record of business management and the executive directors manage multidisciplinary teams with a vast experience in their respective fields of expertise.

Carlos Vasconcellos

Founding Partner

Miguel Costa Gomes

Founding Partner and CEO

Graça Medina

Founding Partner and Executive Board Member

Tiago Soares

Technical Director

Carla Nunes

Project Manager Director, Nostrum

Ivone Caeiro

Project Management Team, Nostrum

Luís Cardoso

Project Management Team, Nostrum


QUANTINVEST focuses on providing services and carrying out investments both in Greenfield Operations or urban renovation, with the purpose to renovate buildings with great architectural value in Portugal’s historic cities, especially Lisbon and Porto.

QUANTINVEST offers “one-stop-shop” services to national and foreign investors, with whom the team co-invests in the real estate projects.

The “one-stop-shop” concept includes identifying, negotiating, purchasing, building / refurbishing and selling or renting the finished properties. Investors receive a complete and comprehensive service that begins with the meticulous selection of the properties until placing them on the market, always maintaining a detailed and rigorous reporting model.

QUANTINVEST’s main competitive advantages include the rigorous due diligence analysis of the prospects, extended networking and preferred partners specialized in the various components of the development process – financial institutions, project designers, established contractors, national and international sales brokers. It also has a proven track record of creating solid communication channels with the Municipalities and other public Entities, a reflection of the credibility and respect its partners command from these organisms.


QUANTINVEST’s distinguishing feature is the capability to surround itself by a group of established partners of exceptional quality in the various fields relating to real estate developments, who share the same principles and values.

Virtuous Circle


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Contacts & Location

Av. Engº Duarte Pacheco, Torre 2 Amoreiras, Piso 6, Sala 3

1070-102 Lisboa


Rua António Maria Cardoso 2

1200 - 027 Lisboa


(+351) 21 409 29 11

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